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WWWAYNE is the leading company for coin game, donation boxes and charity collections.  We take pride in leading the pack in this ever so important industry. In these times charity coin boxes have never been more important to the charities that we work with. If you are a charity looking to increase your donations you have come to the right website.  All of our charity collection boxes , coin games and stands are patented products that are produced to the highest standards of image and durability and most importantly security to make sure that all of you charity donations are safe and secure until the time of pick up.

While visiting this site you will be able to see why WWWAYNE is the most respected company in the charity donation box and coin game industry. Not only do we supply the top charities with donation boxes and waterless coin games but we also supply service to any location in the United States if needed. Our licensed and insured collection field agents will pick up, count and create a custom data sheet that fits the needs of your charity specifically. WWWAYNE  service duties also include the field agents cleaning, repairing or replacing any products while on location to make sure that your donation boxes or coin drop games never go without being able to generate donations for your organization.

So go ahead and take a look around. We invite you to explore our donation boxes and contact us to find out how we can help your charity take the leap to the highest level of charity collection equipment on the market.

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